Free Prayer

$ 13.50

Product Description

We designed our Free Prayer shirt so you can be a vessel of God to others as you battle in the world.

If you haven't noticed yet, we don't live in a neutral world. People aren't born neutral, they're born in sin. The world isn't perfect, virtually everything was polluted by the fall. But most importantly, there isn't just a loving God who rules over the universe, the Holy Scriptures teach that there is also an enemy that is "roaming the earth looking for someone to devour." Our most powerful and offensive weapon is our ability to connect to the Creator through prayer. It is vital that we as believers are 'approachable warriors' ready and able to offer prayer to those in need of it.

Wearing this t-shirt won't just get you comments and conversations about issues but will actually attract people in need of God's love. I encourage you to be on guard and be willing to pray fervently for those in need.

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