Can I sell shirts for Love Offensively.com?

Yes! We wholesale our shirts out to individuals and stores all over the country. This is a great way for you to grow the movement and also make some dough yourself! Our company loves this and will encourage it in any way that we can.

Can I buy shirts in bulk and give them away?

We have also found people who love and believe in our vision who are willing to buy shirts in bulk just to get the word out there. For instance we had a group purchase 750 Virginity Rocks T-shirts and hand them out at a few schools last year. This had a huge impact on the community, for they were forced to talk about one of the most important decisions that students make.

Here is how our whole sailing program works.

We know it's scary to buy something and then try and sell it so we are willing to buy back %15 of any order as long as the product is in perfect re-sellable condition. For example if you buy 100 shirts from us and sell 85 of them and are stuck with 15 odd XLarges, well just send them back and we will either replace them with another size or send you your money back less the shipping, whichever you prefer. This greatly reduces your risk which also encourages you to buy more at a cheaper price.

Also feel free to call us and talk with us about this program. If you are doing something really cool like an event we would be glad to help you in any way that we can.

1.) Sign up for a regular account with us. 

2.) Fill out the whole sailing application (which is real basic!)

3.) Order your shirts.


The first whole sale order must be for a minimum 20 shirts.