[Winding Up] Your Life

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Product Description

We designed this t-shirt with a Polaroid camera on the front which represents the way your life will one day be soon. Your life will one day be a moment in an old photo album. You will be long gone and all that there will be is a silent picture of you. What will you be remembered for? What in your life is going to matter after you die?

What in your life is going to matter in a hundred generations?

Anything? If not, I challenge you to become fully available to Christ... He will use you in ways that you have never dreamed.

"What in your life is going to matter a thousand years from now?" asked Bob, the summer director of a camp I was working at one evening while at campfire. At this point in my life, I was doing all the right things, so it seemed. However, I could not think of one thing in my life that would carry on the type of legacy that I so longed to leave. I was seventeen years old and his question changed me forever. I mean I didn't become "saved" standing there throwing m stick in the fire. I was all ready a Christian. However, that night I vowed to the Lord that I was available to Him and that He could do whatever it was He wanted with me. It seemed so simple at the time but as I look back now, I am amazed at all that has taken place in my life since.

That following year I went back to high school as a Senior, but something was different. I was different: my vision was different. I don't have time to lay out all the facts in this short essay, but by the end of that year God had used me to start a small Bible Study, to organize debates and seminars in my school on the Creation Evolution controversy, and to bring the Gospel to many of my classmates and to change their lives forever. I had the opportunity to go on CNN and be recognized by organizations like Focus On The Family for my efforts to challenge my high school in how they were teaching modern evolution (which is the greatest lie of our age). It all ended with a one dollar lawsuit that I initiated against my high school for taking away my right to pass out flyers to my friends. After three years and about a hundred grand in lawyer fees the school lost and I received my one dollar check in the mail. It is all a wild blur now, but it started with me telling God that I was available to Him.

Whether you like it or not you are not going to live this life forever.

You are going to die to your body and to this world. After death you will live again. Your salvation or damnation is sealed solely on the way you handled the salvation work of Jesus Christ. Your actions will be a legacy that can affect a thousand generations to come. Just think of a man like Billy Graham and all that he has done for the Lord, but it was his neighbor who first told Billy about Christ. Think of the Legacy of that man. You have no idea how much you can impact the world with your love. Giving food to a poor child could change their life forever.

Pursuing your friends with Gospel could bring forth a whole generation of God followers.

Hopefully I will stand around a campfire again. One in heaven with you, and with the all-stars we will regale our stories of life on earth; stories of the battle for other souls, stories of life and a generation of change! Catch the vision! I can't wait to see you there!

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